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Funding for this work ended in FY 2011.

FY 2009 Performance Goals

2009 Annual Goal: Advance blind patient sight. FY09: Complete in vitro/benchtop development of implantable 200+ electrode prototype.

2009 Annual Goal Met: The bench-top development of an implantable 200+ electrode prototype has been completed. All the components of the 200+ electrode prototype have been integrated and characterized.

Performance Goal/Annual Target

Quarter Quarter Goal Quarterly Results: Yes or No?
1st Quarter Build electronics module for implantable active A-200+ system Goal Met. The electronics module for an implantable active A-200+ system was assembled and tested. It is a key component required to fabricate the active A-200+ prototype system.
2nd Quarter Complete fabrication of active A - 200+ Prototype system Goal Met. The fabrication of an active A-200+ prototype system which includes the electronics package, wireless power and telemetry coil, and the thin film electrode array has been completed.
3rd Quarter Functional characterization of active A - 200+ system Goal Met. The functional characterization using the wireless power and telemetry link of an active A-200+ prototype system has been completed.
4th Quarter Final integration of implantable A - 200+ system< Goal Met. The final integration of an implantable A-200+ prototype system has been completed. The A200+ system has demonstrated wireless power delivery and wireless bi-directional telemetry in an in-vitro setting.

FY 09 emails reporting quarterly results

The Artificial Retina Project was part of the
Biological and Environmental Research Program
of the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science
Funding for this work ended in FY 2011.

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